In Paradiso

As long dark wintery nights are approaching, the Huygens Vocal Ensemble and the Netherlands Flute Orchestra present a programme with an 'enlightening' effect. Hectic activity is gradually transformed into relaxation, excaltation, harmony and whatever is good for a human being. The blessed feeling prevails that everything will be allright no matter what. This consoling thought will accompany you on your way home. Let the next crisis come, but first there's Christmas.

The harshness and freakishness of the elements is surprisingly brought to life by the 18th century French composer Jean-Féry Rebel in his Chaos from Les eléments.

Hans Tijssen's O Magnum Mysterium averts the chaos and this leads to the mystic The Harmony of the Spheres by Joep Franssens. The end of this impressive opus magnum melts flawlessly into Chacarera by Alberto Ginastera, performed by the Argentinian singer Javier Rodríguez. He is also the soloist in the much cherished Misa Criolla by Ariel Ramírez and christmas songs from Navidad Nuestra, together with his fellow-countrymen Daniel Morcos (piano and percussion), Fana Martínez (bass and percussion) and Oscar Reta (guitar, charango, quena, percussion). With Navidad Nuestra, a cheerful end of the performance, the audience is invited to sing along lustly under the competent guidance of singers and musicians.

Let's welcome those dark wintery nights!

Thursday 26 November 2009—Gudula Kerk, Lochem
Saturday 28 November 2009—Onze Lieve Vrouwe Basiliek, Zwolle
Sunday 29 November 2009—Bergkerk, Deventer
Friday 4 December 2009—Der Aa Kerk, Groningen
Thursday 17 December 2009—to be decided
Friday 18 December 2009—Grote Kerk, Elst